Project Management from Piercy Design Architects, Hull

Piercy Design can provide a range of services. For a building project, these include investigating the feasibility of the requirements, developing design proposals, applying for statutory approvals, preparing construction information, obtaining tenders for building work and administering a building contract to completion.

Although a full service has obvious benefits, Piercy Design can be engaged initially for exploratory services to help determine the optimum way to achieve the objectives, or to carry out specific activities such as preparing a planning application.

Piercy Design works with a broad palette of skills and can provide or arrange other services connected with the project such as interior design, landscaping or making measured surveys of a site or building.

Our skills are not only relevant to whole building projects but may be applied to relating issues including such diverse matters as strategic planning of property development for a company and the design or selection of furniture and fittings for the client’s home.

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